Monday, 26 September 2016


Monday, 26 September 2016

Type of project Animated Musical Number

Core concept 
In a both heartfelt and comedic fashion, an alien counterpart of Marilyn Monroe unravels her personal history through song, performing an original piece that pays a tribute to the great classics of musicals and sci-fi.
Research path

Rersearch into:
  • Animation pipeline
  • Rigging techniques that allow squash and stretch
  • Dynamic song writing and in particular story/journey-centric song writing
  • The Broadway 'sound'
  • Hollywood culture and icons
  • Parody and pastiche techniques
  • Musical tropes
  • Science-fiction B-movie culture

To create a cohesive, catchy and showy animated film that displays good skills in animation, staging and writing (and to have fun with it!) 
  • Collaborative partnership with composer and singer
  • Effective visual storytelling and character development
  • Evocative character design
  • Good quality of lip-syncing
  • Engaging and fluid animation
  • Emulous of Broadway tunes but hopefully noteworthy song

  • An animated short with a duration of 2-3 minutes
  • A main (singing) character animation-ready (possible second (supporting/dancing) character to be duplicated for ensemble)
  • A collection of props and sets with a varying degree of complexity to them, relying on the art of matte painting
  • A nicely-rounded, classic-sounding solo song
  • An engaging and wacky Making Of book

  • Norma Jeane Mortenson/Marilyn Monroe
  • Classic MGM/20th Century Fox musicals
  • Later musicals
  • Popular sci-fi imagery

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