Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Tuesday, 15 November 2016
Rewind to a girl
Whose only pearls were her tears
A lone soul treading lightly
Above the atmosphere

But when her eyes shut
That girl, like an asteroid
With visions burns brightly
Her dreams fill the void

Shall I… be her?
Step out into the light?
Be someone who matters?
Who’ll be loved at first sight?
Oh shall I be her?


Forward to a girl
For whom there’s no turning back
She’s revamping her world
She’s going on the attack

Inside the dream lab
She’ll shape all new features
Trim the past, bleach out the pain
This girl’s her own creature!

Oh shall I be her?
And make the earth stand still?
In the beam of my spotlight
Watch me glitter and thrill!

Oh what I would do to be fifty foot tall
On the great silver screen in front of them all?
Perhaps only then I might feel complete
With my very own star laid down at my feet
But how heavy seems the weight of this crown!
Could it be gravity starts pulling me down?
And what if after all, that black hole keeps (on) growing?
Well (it’s) too late to say, I’m here! It’s my calling!

So I shall be her
Invade countless hearts
I’ll be their fire maiden!
Their devil girl from Mars!

Yes I shall be her!
And my name will live on
I’ll go out with a bang!
Never to be outshone
I – shall – be – her!

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