Thursday, 13 October 2016


Thursday, 13 October 2016
This is what our song looks like so far —  we don't think it's at its best potential yet but we'd like to go ahead with this one (we'll provide a .doc if needed).

Rewind to a girl
With tears just like pearls
And a voice to remember

She's out of focus
Yet grows ambitious
As day by day she wonders:

Shall I... be her?
Someone never overlooked
Whose performance matters
Who's got everyone hooked?

[Originally written as: (just to show the intent behind the first chorus ie. in wants of being important and cared of, but not specifically in 'queen' way)]
*Shall I... be her?
Someone others notice
The one who can matter 
Whose life is always bliss*

Forward to a girl
Revamping her world
And building on what she lacks

With so much at stake
She fears that she'll break
But now there's no turning back

Oh shall I be her?
And make the world stand still? 
When I appear all in glitter
A most sulfurous thrill

Yes I shall be her
Space siren - stars of stars
I'll be their fair fire maiden
Their devil girl from Mars!

Oh what I'd do to be 50ft tall
On the silver screen in front of all
Perhaps I'll finally feel complete
With my very own star at my feet (=Hollywood Walk of Fame)
Or will I maybe lose something?
(Well) nevermind/no matter, it's my calling

So I shall be her!
Go out with a (Big) bang
In me the universe will find its centre
Never forgetting how I sang


  1. Nice work, chaps :) If you're happy, I'm happy to tweak - and for the tweaks to be tweaked, and so on - the way that writers do and should.

    1. Thanks Phil! We'd be happy for you to go over it :) Going to send you it as a document via email as we speak.


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