Thursday, 27 October 2016


Thursday, 27 October 2016
Rewind to a girl (5)
Whose only pearls were her tears (7)
A lone soul treading lightly (7)
Upon the stratosphere (atmosphere) (6)

But when her eyes shut (5)
That girl(’s mind), like celluloid / like an asteroid (7)
Burns with a radiant vision (7)
A dream that fills the void (6)

Chorus 1 Option #1
Shall I be her? (4)
And take centre stage (5)
I long to be loved (5)
But can I ever change? (6)
Oh shall I be her? (5)

Chorus 1 Option #2
Shall I… be her? (4)
Step into the light? (5)
Be someone who matters? (6)
Who’ll be loved at first sight? (6)
Oh shall I be her? (4-5)

Forward to a girl (5)
For whom there’s no turning back (7)
She’s revamping her world (6)
She’s going on the attack (7)

Now to the dream lab’ (5)
Where she’ll mould a new future, (7)
Cut the past; dissolve the pain (7)
This / That / The girl’s her own creature! (6)

Oh shall I be her? (4-5)
Make the earth stand still? (5)
In the beam of my spotlight (7)
How I'll glitter and thrill (6)

Oh what I would do to be fifty foot tall (10)
On the great silver screen in front of them all! (11)
Perhaps I will finally feel complete (10)
With my very own star laid down at my feet (11) 
But what if this black hole just keeps / won’t stop / keeps on growing? (10)
Well no matter – I’m here – it is my calling! (11)

Yes, I shall be her! (4-5)
And invade all (nations’ ) hearts / And invade countless hearts (5-7) (6)
I’ll be their fire maiden! (7)
Their Devil Girl from Mars! (6) 

Yes I shall be her! (5)
And my name will live on (6)
I’ll go out with a bang! (6)
Never to be outshone (6)
I – shall – be – her! (4)

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