Sunday, 2 October 2016


Sunday, 2 October 2016
Here are a couple of song concepts I've tried to explore over the past week. Some of them are quite vague or removed from what we're aiming for, but this exercise was mostly for the sake of putting things out on paper and start from there. I linked a couple of those structures to existing songs, and also tried my hand at writing lyrics off the cuff. For #12 I had the melody from Maybe this Time in my head, and I believe it helped me stop forcing rhymes at all cost; however now that I'm re-reading it without that specific rhythmic in mind, it doesn't seem to flow all that well (excuse the number of feet being a little off as well).

On a different matter, the example below is how I'm picturing the sets and staging of assets for our film to be like, though obviously with more a more galactic backdrop to it.

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